There are a host of reasons why we felt conceiving IKFF was critical and necessary. Here are nine of them.

Cinema is often considered as mere entertainment. But we see cinema as an educational tool. Like paintings, sports and books. Good cinema has a good impact on a child’s educational and emotional growth. And it was missing from a child’s curriculum.

Stories in cinema have a way of conveying complex feelings, experiences and lessons in an easy and personal way.

The impact of audio visuals is great on kids. They engage and register information when they can see it and hear it.

IKFF is a window to global cultures, people, their experiences and perspectives.

There is a dearth of good content specially designed for kids.

Students in remote areas don’t have access to any good content.

For a lot of these kids, IKFF introduces them to the world for the first time.

Often, film festivals limit themselves to big cities. IKFF goes everywhere.

It’s difficult to get kids to local film festivals. Sometimes the content is not meant for them or they are not scheduled as per a child’s school timings.

IKFF is hosted by schools in their premises, which means we get world cinema to the kids.
Watching and creating good cinema allows a child to express their feelings and be uniquely themselves. Cinema becomes an interesting way to initiate dialogue with students.